Rental of personal vehicles in Albir

We provide rental of personal vehicles for the most fun, ecological and useful travel. We offer Bicycles, Segways, mobillity scooters, jet ski, paddleboards, e-scooters, cars, motorcycles and more!

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Segway with Albirent

Go on your own or take a guided tour in Albir, Altea or Benidorm. One of the funniest ways to move in groups with our guides. Sign up now for one of our routes.

Segway rental

Bicycles and electric bikes

To walk around the entire coast area in a fun and healthy way. At Albirent, we have traditional and electrical bicycles, which helps you travel greater distances with less effort.

Bicycle rental

Mobillity Scooters

Do not deprive yourself of having a vacation due to a mobillity problem. At your disposal you will have the scooter model that fits your needs. We also have walkers and wheelchairs. 

Mobillity Scooters

Jet ski and paddleboard

Jet ski is designed for those looking for strong emotions. To feel all the power in the sea of a jet ski. The paddleboard is designed for those who prefer more peace of mind.

Jet ski & Paddleboard

E-scooters and Hoverboards

Not only are they useful, they are also fun. E-scooters are increasingly requested for city trips. We also have hoverboards for rent.

E-scooters & Hoverboards

Car & Motorcycle rentals

Sometimes the most successful thing is to use vehicles such as scooters or cars. For trips over greater distances or for group travel. We provide a wide variety of models.

Car & Motorcycle rentals

Why rent with Albirent

No surprises – The widest variety

✔ Fun without complexes

Do not set limits when it comes to having fun. Enjoy touring with your friends, or your family, the wole city. At any time, regardless of distance.

✔ Large fleet

When travelling in a group, it would be a bad idea if any of the members where left without the bike or scooter that others will enjoy. In Albirent, we have a large fleet so that nobody runs out of fun.

✔ We also organize routes

If you prefer you can sign up for one of our many routes where you can have a great time touring the most attractive places.